About Our Classes

Marilyn W. Wright  BS; CAMS II; CSTAS; CPI; CCC; MATS

Pre-trial Diversion Classes are conducted through a platform that ensures that our Clients will gain the knowledge they need from wherever they are through a virtual component. We did not want our Client's mandated needs to go unmet or one who could benefit from our services, due to COVID-19. Once the participant has completed enrollment, which includes submission of any necessary court/probation documents, signatures of enrollment forms, payment of first class and workbook, the participant will be sent a start date and a link to join the class.
Pre-trial Diversion Classes have rules set in place that ensures a proper learning enviornment, courtesy, and respect to all on the platform. Disrespect of any form will not be tolerated. A list of those rules will be provided to each partipant during the enrollment process. It is our goal to help our Clients avoid criminal convictions, recidivism, job loss, prevent destruction, learn the core of their issues, and proper strategies and techniques to assist them along the way. Most importanly, You, as the Client, have to put in the work and want a better path for yourselves more than anyone else.

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